Our Mission

INFORM our Veterans about policy changes, resources, and issues that we face as a collective group

our Veterans with organizations that will build a better future for tomorrow’s Veterans and programs that can assist today’s Veterans during times of need

our Veterans to one another in an effort to build strong relationships and networks within our community

the voice of our Veterans so that we are heard within our Community, our State, and our Country


Ensure Veterans are respected and recognized for their service, always receive the benefits and entitlements they were promised and earned and ensure all veterans especially disabled Veterans are given a fair deal.

“HOPE that everyone, all veterans, have arrived at the point where they finally realize that, unless they all act for the greater good rather than for personal gain or glory, they ALL LOSE. The goal of the single voice is to send out a ripple in the hope that the ripple will grow and gather into a wave that grows and grows to eventually sweep everything clean. But first the ripples have to join force to create the giant wave that makes the eventual difference.”  LtCol R.P. Adelhelm USMC (ret)